Lehrstuhl für Vernetzte Elektronische Systeme

etit 6019-01a: Design and Analysis of Selected Fundamental CMOS Circuits


Vorlesung, 2 SWS, ECTS-Studium, ECTS-Credits: 5
für ERASMUS-/Austauschstudierende geeignet, Unterrichtssprache Englisch
Zeit und Ort: Fr 11:00 - 12:30, KS2/Geb.F - SR-II
vom 6.4.2020 bis zum 5.7.2020
Bemerkung zu Zeit und Ort: Please check the entry for this course by 05.04.2020. Please also pay attention to the information in the section "Additional Information".

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches

The course starts with an online offer. Please register for the OLAT course https://lms.uni-kiel.de/url/RepositoryEntry/3257040935 until 05.04.2020.



Students are introduced to the design and analysis of several elemental CMOS integrated circuits. The course begins with a discussion of differential amplifiers and related design aspects, including the differential pair with passive load and active load, common-mode feedback, push-pull amplifier, source-follower, folded cascode, and instrumentation amplifier. The students learn how to apply a simplified expression for the channel-length modulation effect for resistance estimation. Furthermore, they understand the circuit principles of inductorless oscillator circuits (Wien-Bridge Oscillator, Gm-C quadrature oscillator, ring oscillator, relaxation oscillator). Approaches to on-chip amplitude stabilization are discussed. Further structures of interest are circuits for NTAT, PTAT and bandgap reference generation. The students will be able to predict circuit performance using SPICE-based simulation software.


Studienfächer / Studienrichtungen

WPFL ETIT-MA ab 1 (ECTS-Credits: 5)
WPFL Wirt-IngMA ab 1 (ECTS-Credits: 5)