Lehrstuhl für Vernetzte Elektronische Systeme

Patents, Technology Transfer & Selected Other Publications

Granted Patents:


  • Rieger, R.; “Physiological signal acquisition apparatus capable of monitoring abnormal current and method thereof,” Taiwan patent TWI527561B, April 2016.


  • Sun, Y.; Rieger, R.; “Apparatus for memristor/neuron emulation and testing,” US patent US8,990,137 B2, March, 2015.


  • Rieger, R.: Combined digital output system, TWI448071B, US8,593,316 B2


  • Rieger, R.; “Piezo-Electric Transducer System and Signal Processing Method Thereof,” Taiwan patent TWI446134B, July, 2014.


  • Rieger, R.; “Integrated Low Noise Sampling Amplifier,” Taiwan patent TWI377782B, November 2012.


  • Rieger, R.; “On-Body Sensing System with bi-directional signal communication,Taiwan patent TWI364270B, May 2012.


  • Rieger, R.; “Dynamic Range Extension System for Amplifier-Digitizer,” Taiwan patent TWI346450B, August 2011.


  • Rieger, R.; “Sampling Control System and Method for A/D Converter,” Taiwan patent TWI327825B, July 2010.


Technology Transfers:
  • Rieger, R.; “Circuit and Method for a microcontroller based emulator of electrical response of biological tissue,” transferred to ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan) March 2011.


  • Rieger, R.; “Combined Digital Output System,” document #P28990010, transferred to ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan) on 8. Dec. 2010.   





  • Rieger, R.; "Improved Nerve Signal Recording - Methods and Analogue Circuits," Series in Microelectronics, vol. 153, ISBN 3-89649-989-0, Hartung-Gorre, 2005.



Invited Lecture Material:
  • Rieger, R.; “CMOS Circuit Design for Students,” Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, 20. December 2017.


  • Rieger, R.; “Student centered design of CMOS programmable multi-channel biosignal recorders,” keynote speech at ICNERE-EECCIS 2016, October 2016.


  • Rieger, R.; “Some recent advances in low-power mixed-signal integrated circuits for biomedical sensing,” Hamburg Technical University, 30. August 2016.


  • Rieger, R.; “Biosignal Recording Front-ends with Digital Enhancement,” National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, 2. May 2016.
  • Rieger, R.; "Front-end Circuit Design for Biomedical Signal Acquisition," invited tutorial talk, SEMBA 2015, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 30. January 20


  • Rieger, R.; "Amplifier Design for Biomedical Signal Acquisition," National Chia-Yi University, Chiayi, Taiwan, 21. May 2014.


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  • Rieger, R.; Effiziente Integrierte Schaltungen für die Biosignalerfassung,” University of Paderborn, Germany, June 2010.


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