Chair of Networked Electronic Systems

The Chair of Networked Electronic Systems was founded in March 2018 at the University of Kiel. Prof. Robert Rieger was previously Professor and Head of the Bionics Integrated Systems Lab at the National Sun Yat-Sen University in Taiwan. He brings extensive experience in the development of integrated circuits and systems, particularly with regard to biomedical applications.

Current research interest is in the design of low-power integrated electronic systems with a special focus on analog design for sensor interfaces and digitally supported mixed-signal systems. Immediate applications include implantable, portable and networked devices for neuroprosthetics and intelligent sensor technology.

Central concerns are the creation and characterization of low-energy circuits and subsystems for improved signal acquisition and hardware-related signal processing. The expertise includes Nyquist analog-to-digital converters in CMOS technology, interference and noise reduction in ExG input circuits, implantable systems for peripheral nervous signal recording, circuits for speed-selective electroneurography, hardware-based data compression for miniaturized networked acquisition systems, and converter interfaces including for piezoelectric sensors.