Chair of Networked Electronic Systems

etit 103: Basics of electrical engineering III


Lecture, 3 SWS, ECTS-study, ECTS-credits: 7, language of instruction: English, ECTS-points only for complete module (lecture and associated exercise)
Time and place: Tue 9:15 am - 11:45 am, N/A
from 03.11.2020 to 09.02.2021


Subjects / Fields of study

PFL ETIT-BA 3 (ECTS-credits: 7)
PFL Wirt-IngBA 3 (ECTS-credits: 7)


Recommended requirements

Basics of electrical engineering I and II 
Mathematics for engineers I and II 
For more information see UnivIS


The topic of the module is the analysis of time-dependent processes in electrical networks. The following topics are covered: 

  • Source conversion and relocation 
  • Calculation of compensation processes using differential equations (RC circuits, RL circuits) 
  • Calculation of settling processes using differential equations (RLC circuits)
  • Harmonic analysis and synthesis of periodic waveforms using the fourier series
  • Analysis of non-periodic signals using the fourier integral 
  • Network analysis using the Laplace transform
  • Mesh current and node potential analysis method for network calculation
  • Linearization of non-linear network components in the working point
  • Technical aids for network analysis (numerical simulation, symbolic calculation)


Recommended literature

Albach, M.: Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik 2 („Periodische und nicht- periodische Signalformen“) – 1 Auflage, Pearson Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8273-71-08-9 
Schmidt, L. P., Schaller, G., Martius, S.: Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik 3 („Netzwerke“) - 1. Auflage, Pearson Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8273-71-07-2