Chair of Networked Electronic Systems

etit 7012-01a: Seminar selected topics in medical electronics

Seminar, 2 SWS, ECTS-study, ECTS-Credits: 5
for ERASMUS-/exchange students suitable, language of instruction English
Zeit und Ort: N/A
from 02.11.2020 to 14.02.2021
Comment to time and place: Time by arrangement
Learning goals
The students can formulate a research question for independent analysis in the area of medical electronics. The students can perform a literature search and organize publications by relevance. They can summarize and explain the content of the scientific publications. The students can compare the results and assess them critically. The students can present the results, discuss them and recommend further research steps on the research topic.
Subjects / Fields of study
ETIT-MA from 1 (ECTS-Credits: 5)
Wirt-IngMA from 1 (ECTS-Credits: 5)