Chair of Networked Electronic Systems

etit 8008-01a: M.Sc. Laboratory Examples in Computerized IC Testing

Practical exercise with seminar, 3 SWS, ECTS-study, ECTS-Credits: 5
for ERASMUS-/exchange students suitable, Language of instruction English
Time and place: N/A
from 02.11.2020 to 14.02.2020
Comment to time and place: For this lab course a registration in OLAT is neccessary until Wednesday 28 October 2020. Time by arrangement


Gaining practical experience in the measurement and evaluation of integrated circuits is the focus of this module. It is intended to generate understanding for improved design planning with regard to the testability of integrated circuits. Various commercially relevant approaches to computer-based testing will be presented and experienced in practice. In particular, the hardware/software combination of National Instruments Labview+DAQ is used for signal generation and acquisition, Microchip microcontrollers are programmed for test signal generation, digital pattern generation and signal recording, and PCB layouts are created with Diptrace or Eagle design software. PC-based oscilloscopes from Picoscope Inc. are used for mixed-signal monitoring. Examples of practical group work packages are as follows.
Subjects / Fields of study
WPFL ETIT-MA from 1 (ECTS-Credits: 5)
WPFL Wirt-IngMA from 1 (ECTS-Credits: 5)