Chair of Networked Electronic Systems


Finished Theses

Bachelor theses:

  • Jessie Grewe, 2019: Setup and optimization of a sensor for contactless biopotential detection
  • Moritz Edinger, 2019: Design and construction of a capacitive measuring system for intention tremor
  • Johannes Voigt, 2020: Characterization and improvement of IC and MEMS
  • Onur Mires, 2020: Acceleration measurement for the quantification of the intent tremor
  • Tim Johann, 2020: Design and evaluation of a self-powered energy supply for future use in small animal studies
  • Matthias Eger, 2021: Development of a capacitive measuring system to investigate the intention tremor
  • Finn Ehlers, 2021: Comparison and characterization of distance sensors for measuring the intent tremor
  • Maximilian Hanisch, 2021: Construction and investigation of batteryless transmission electronics for electrocardiograms
  • Phil Gutsche, 2021: Comparison and characterization of wireless modules for portable biosensors


Master theses:

  • Henrik Wolframm, 2019: Setup of a sensor network for monitoring in case of Kamptokormie
  • Alexander Weber, 2020: Design and development of a capacitive EKG recording system